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Renewal Requirements

Are you ready to renew your license? There are different stages of renewal depending on how long you have been a REALTOR®. To know what license renewal requirements you need, you’ll want to know how long you have currently been licensed. Are you within your first renewal cycle or have you had your license for many years? 


Real estate licenses through the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) are renewed in March and September. You can find the expiration date of your license by creating an account through DBPR and linking your license. 

  • Click HERE to create your online account.
  • Click HERE To link your license to your online DPBR account. 

After receiving your license, you will be in what’s known as the first renewal cycle. Before the expiration date of your first renewal cycle, you will need to complete the required 45 hours of Post License Education for Sales Associates. The 45 hours of Post License Education can be completed by an approved DBPR real estate school. Here are a few recommendations:

  • The RALSC CE Shop link – Click HERE
  • Affiliate Partner real estate schools – use our affiliate directory and locate the “Real Estate Schools” category to view our trusted list of real estate school vendors. 


Remember, in addition to renewing your license, you’ll also want to ensure you have completed all the necessary new membership requirements for joining the REALTORS® Association of Lake and Sumter Counties. 

  1. Attend New Member Orientation within 90 days of joining the association (the orientation includes the new member Code of Ethics). New Member Orientation is held monthly. Click HERE to schedule your New Member Orientation now. 
  2. Attend Required MLS Classes via in-person, online, or on-demand. The required courses include:
    1. Starting Out Stellar
    2. MLS Basic
    3. MLS Compliance 
    4. MLS Adding & Editing Listings 

Existing Members

After completing your first renewal cycle, you will now be in your second renewal cycle where your license will be renewed every two years moving forward. At this stage, a total of 14 continuing education credits are required. The 14 continuing education credits consist of the following courses:

  • 3 hours of Ethics & Business Ethics
  • 3 hours of Core Law
  • 8 hours of specialty

Make sure to check your DBPR account frequently to ensure your class credits have been reported and that you are complying with DBPR’s licensing requirements. 

Code of Ethics

New Members

New members and agents who have a one year or more lapse in membership are required to take the mandatory Code of Ethics. Attending the RALSC New Member Orientation satisfies the new member Code of Ethics requirement

Existing Members

Existing REALTOR® members are required to abide by NAR’s triennial training. This means NAR requires REALTOR® members to take the Code of Ethics every three years. Please keep in mind that while DBPR requires the Code of Ethics for license renewal every two years, NAR requires the Code of Ethics to be taken every three years. Some Code of Ethics courses that are taken for license renewal may also meet NAR’s requirement at the same time. Please verify that the course taken meets NAR’s specific learning objectives and criteria established by the National Association of REALTORS® by submitting your Code of Ethics completion certificate to RALSC does not get notified by the DBPR of any classes or courses taken by members. It is your sole responsibility to submit a Code of Ethics completion certificate to the Association to receive NAR course completion credit. 

NAR Approved Code of Ethics Courses:

  • Courses offered by local REALTOR® Associations.
  • The RALSC CE Shop Link
  • Various third-party real estate schools

**If you are taking a Code of Ethics course outside of RALSC, please verify with the Association that the course you intend to take meets NAR’s objectives and necessary criteria requirements. Once approved, please send a completion certificate to

You can verify whether your NAR Code of Ethics requirement has been met by logging into your National Association of REALTORS® account and checking your status. Check your status HERE

Fair Housing Requirements

Coming in 2025!