Why should I invest in RPAC?

RPAC represents over 1,000,000 politically active REALTORS nationally and more than 135,000 in Florida. Simply put, RPAC is the REALTOR voice in national, state, and local governance. RPAC provides REALTORS with the opportunity to have a collective impact on the election of officials who will pass legislation that impacts your livelihoods and the way real estate professionals do business.

Does RPAC buy votes?

No. It is against federal and state election laws to buy votes. RPAC complies with all election laws.

How is my RPAC contribution allocated?

70% of your RPAC investment remains in your state and is used for local and state elections. 30% of your investment is forwarded to the National RPAC.

How will my RPAC contribution be used?

100% of your contribution is used to elect REALTOR Party candidates.

Is my RPAC investment tax deductible?

No, contributions used for political purposes are not tax deductible.

What party is RPAC affiliated with?

RPAC is neither a Republican nor a Democratic organization. Political party is not taken into consideration when endorsing a political candidate; your RPAC contribution only supports pro-REALTOR candidates.

Does the National RPAC contribute to state or local candidates?

Under the cooperative agreements in effect between the National RPAC and the state association’s Political Action Committee, the responsibility for making contributions to federal candidates is assigned to the national RPAC, while state and local associations’ Political Action Committees decide which state and local candidates to support.