NAR News Releases

FAR News Releases

  • U.S. Consumer Confidence Bounces Back in Nov.
    After three monthly declines, the measure of Americans’ attitudes increased to 102.0 in Nov. from Oct.’s 99.1, largely due to an upswing in attitudes about the future. Read more »
  • Smartphone Photography Works Great if Done Right
    A phone has the capacity to take a great picture if the person behind the phone knows what they’re doing. Lighting, layout and editing can be critical concerns. Read more »
  • Fla. Consumers’ Optimism Rises this Month
    For the second month in a row, Floridians’ attitudes about their current situation rose – and their outlook for the future moved a bit higher too. Read more »
  • FHFA: Sept. Home Prices Up 0.6% Month-to-Month
    For the third quarter (3Q), home prices rose 5.5% year-to-year and 2.1% quarter-to-quarter as a dearth of listings pushed the rate of price increases even higher. Read more »
  • FHFA: 2024 Conforming Loan Limits Rise by $40K
    In 2024, a conventional mortgage in most parts of Fla. (except Monroe County) will have a loan limit of $766,550, an increase of $40,350 from 2023’s $726,200. Read more »
  • Court Sides with Homeowner on Insurance Law
    Does a law limiting property insurance lawsuits apply to policies from before it went into effect? Appeal courts disagreed and the Fla. Supreme Court may decide. Read more »
  • Sarasota Considers Affordable Housing Ideas
    The Sarasota Chamber brought local leaders in to discuss the housing shortage after 73% of local businesses said it affects their ability to recruit and retain workers. Read more »
  • Inflation Inaccurately Measures Homebuyers’ Pain
    To measure housing-cost inflation, the Consumer Price Index uses “the current cost to rent the house you own,” even though many mortgage payments won’t change. Read more »
  • Why Do People Give? Donors Say What Moves Them
    It’s GivingTuesday, and AP interviewed people across the U.S. to find out what motivates them to get involved to help others, pets, the environment and more. Read more »
  • New Home Sales Weaken in October
    Sales were down 5.6% month-to-month, but they’re up 17.7% year-to-year and up 4.6% so far in 2023. About 30% of all Oct. home sales were new construction. Read more »